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*I will still be teaching in May 2015 at Wool Sisters rug camp in Alabama. So if you have registered for that rug camp, don't worry!  You will still hear from me in regard to your rug camp project. etc.

Thank you all so much...

I want to thank you all for your patience, friendly reminder emails that helped me so much, personal emails in regard to my Dad's declining health, etc.  I have so appreciated the support when I have found the time to bring myself to the computer to check my emails.  It's been a terrible time for me and my family.  Still many rough days, weeks, months ahead yet I'm sure.  My Dad passed away in early April and it's been a tough month for us all.

I am hoping that once I return from Alabama in May, I can get myself settled back into some kind of life and business routine again.  It would be nice to pick up a hook again, as I have not really hooked in quite some time.  I will accept orders again in the month June.  I will also be going back through my older orders, just to double check and make sure that everything that should have shipped, got shipped....or if it should have been refunded, it got refunded.  If I have questions as I am sorting back through and double checking myself,  you may receive an email from me if you happened to be one of those previous orders.  I want to thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me while I sort through and double check myself....correcting any errors that I might find.

Thanks again to you all and happy hooking this spring and summer!


 book cover
$24.95 plus $5.00 Priority shipping (Indiana residents 7% sales tax)

" I just received your book from Rug Hooking magazines Book Club and I absolutely love it!!!" - JB

"I just received your book, Wide Cut Primitive Rug Hooking, and it is one of the best books I own about rug hooking. Your explanations are simple and easy to follow and your examples are perfect. Thank you." - CB

"I got my book in today's mail and have browsed it. Although I am not normally a "primitive" rug hooker, I do try all types and love this book. So many tips for all rug hooking."
- MD

"I'm sure it will be a staple in my books from now on."

Want to attend a camp or workshop with Wendy?
If you would like to have Wendy come and teach a workshop for your group or your camp, contact Wendy
Now booking camps and workshops dates for 2015 and 2016

Mason-Dixon Buckeystown Workshop
Bishop Claggett Conference Center, Buckeystown, MD
October 12-15, 2014
Other teachers will be Jon Ciemiwicz, Jayne Hester, and Sarah Guiliani
For more information contact:  Diana Kerns (410) 467-4771

***Sorry my class is full***

Photos from Wendy's workshop in Alabama 2010
Happy hookers!
* Will be teaching in Alabama again in Spring of 2015 *

AL2010-1 AL2010-4 AL2010-2

The Red Saltbox sells through this website, mail order, at shows/hook-ins, and where ever I teach. Sign up for one of my workshops or camps. I travel with lots of wool and patterns for my students. 

I'm sorry , but the rug studio is private at this time and not open to the public. I am transitioning yet again, this time to a farmhouse in the country.  At this time, plans are for my studio to remain private.

Thanks and happy hooking!  Wendy


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